Dancers and Dance Stage

Dancing is such a vital part of Celtic heritage, the Northern Nevada Celtic Celebration devotes an entire stage to the display and exhibition of this graceful and controlled testament of the vivaciousness of Celtic Heritage.


Dancing ranges from the country dances that grew out of the popular barn and court dances in Ireland, Wales and Scotland to the more athletic competitive dancing of Irish step dancing and Highland dance.

The Northern Nevada Celtic Celebration showcases these skills in dancers of all ages and abilities on our dance stage both Saturday and Sunday.

Schedule updated for 2019!


10:00 Red Thistle Dancers                                                                                            10:15 Sierra Silverstrings                                                                                            10:45 Northern Nevada Scottish Highland Dance                                                            11:15 Kennelly School of Irish Dance
11:45 Red Thistle Dancers 
12:00 Dance Stage Dark for Opening Ceremonies*
1:00 Dunsmuir Dancers
1:30 Sierra Silverstrings
2:00 Silver State Scottish Country Dancers
2:30 Kennelly School of Irish Dance                                                                             2:50 Northern Nevada Scottish Highland Dance
3:20 Truckee River Dance Company
3:50 Dunsmuir Dancers
4:20 Silver State Scottish Country Dancers
5:00 Dance Stage Dark for Closing Ceremonies*

*check final schedule for any changes at the Dance Stage Schedule*

Participating dance groups are as follows:

Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers:

Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers: Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers are a Scottish Country, Highland, and Step Dancing Performance Group of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to keeping alive the spirit and form of Scottish dances, old and new. Their repertoire spans four centuries of dance tradition. Period costumes and musical stylings bring the past to the present. For more information, visit their website, linked above. 

Kennelly Irish Dancers:

Patricia Kennelly has been teaching since 1975 and her school is proud to have won titles in solo, ceili, figure and drama categories at the North American Championships, All Ireland, European, Great Britain, British National, and All Scotland Championships. Her students have performed for Irish dignitaries, for major musical events in arena or dancing with great bands such as the Chieftains, the school has a rich history in performing and the promotion of traditional Irish music. For info, visit

Northern Nevada Scottish Highland Dance:

The Northern Nevada Scottish Highland Dancing group began three years ago. It’s instructor, Cullen Mitchell, hails from Sonoma County in California. Dancers in the group include both youth and adults who enjoy sharing their love of the dance and culture in the Reno, Carson City and surrounding areas. For information regarding classes or performances please contact Cullen Mitchell at 707-478-3986.

Red Thistle Dancers

The Red Thistle Dancers were founded in 1973 and are a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing and performing the dances and music of Scotland.   The Red Thistle Dancers perform a variety of traditional Scottish dance forms, including Country Dancing, Highland Dancing, and Ladies’ Step Dancing. Headed by Artistic Director Fred DeMarse, the Red Thistle Dancers have been regular participants in the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival since 1977 and were honorees in 1991. For more info, visit their website, linked above. 

Silver State Scottish Country Dancers

The Silver State Scottish Country Dancers are affiliated with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in Edinburgh. That’s official but less exciting and important than the fact that they really enjoy dancing. The group was started in Reno by Martha Norrie, a fine Scottish lady, and has grown in number of dancers and classes. They now have classes on Thursdays and are always looking for new members. Ask a member for details or call Crystal at 775-240-2945.

Truckee River Dance Company
The Truckee River Dance Company is a local Irish group formed in 2012. With exciting, innovative, eye catching choreography, their modern twist on traditional Irish dance makes them unique to our region. They look to perform locally and spread the Irish culture. For more information contact them by e-mailing
Young Musicians

The Sierra Silverstrings

Sierra Silverstrings is a Reno youth fiddle band who play, sing, and dance to Celtic and Americana music. This energetic youth band has performed extensively the past 6 years: notably at Genoa 4th of July Celebration, Virginia City’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival, Western Heritage Festival in Sparks and the Northern Nevada Celtic Celebration. Many thanks go to our many local supporters, especially the Sons and Daughters of Erin, Nevada Society of Scottish Clans, Northern Nevada Bluegrass, Alasdair Sierra Fiddle Camp, and San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers. For info, visit their website, linked above. 

*Check final schedule for any changes at the Dance Stage Schedule*